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I have a deep passion for helping physicians and aspiring physicians build strong, energized careers, so they can focus on the work that they love

  • As a professor, a mentor, an author, and a practicing dermatologist for 25 years, I have seen how some physicians are able to build strong, thriving careers.

  • I am passionate about sharing the strategies and insights that underlie these careers. 


Dr. Katta is a dermatologist and award-winning educator. She served as Professor of Dermatology at the Baylor College of Medicine for over 17 years, and currently serves as Adjunct Clinical Faculty of both Baylor and the McGovern Medical School, University of Texas Houston. 


  • Dr. Katta has authored a total of 9 books and over 100 medical journal articles and book chapters on diet and dermatology, allergic reactions of the skin, and career development.

  • As a member of the Media Expert Team of the American Academy of Dermatology, she speaks to media outlets frequently to provide evidence-based advice and combat medical misinformation. 

  • She is also on a mission to promote strong, energized careers, and frequently writes on career development and thriving at work. 

International Speaker

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"Dr. Katta is a highly engaging speaker with a hope filled message that inspires people with evidence based science to transform their skin and health through actionable lifestyle changes. 


She possesses the unique ability to break down complex concepts into simple, easily digestible "bites" of information...


Dr. Katta has always received the highest praise for her presentations at our events."


Scott Stoll  MD, Co-Founder of The Plantrician Project and The International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention 

The Harris County Medical Society (HCMS) strives to provide its physician members resources to help them thrive personally and professionally. Dr. Katta provided both inspirational and practical tools to help physicians in different phases of their career. Her talk was well received by our members who appreciated her thoughtful presentation.


Ahuva Terk, MBA

HCMS Vice President, Member Services

To invite Dr. Katta to speak at your next event, fill out our contact form here

Recent Presentations


Innovation Academy

Practice Efficiency

Vancouver, Canada

August 2022


HUYD Congress

Skin Saving Foods

Diet and Dermatology

Ultrecht, The Netherlands

March 2023


European Academy of Dermatology

Menopause Symposium

Nutrition, Menopause, and the Skin

Milan, Italy

September 2022


American Academy of Dermatology

Diet and Skin Aging

New Orleans

March 2023

Artichoke Spread

The Plantrician Project

Plant-Based Diet and Dermatology

Virtual Town Hall

December 2022

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Texas Medical Association

The Career Checkup: Your Prescription for a Strong, Healthy Career 

Fort Worth

May 2023

Keynote Topics

Career Development Keynote Topics

Career Development Keynote Topics 

Doctor Checking a Form

The Career Checkup: 

Your Prescription For A Strong, Energized Career

If 2/3 of doctors are burned out, who are the 1/3 that are still going strong? Lessons from these energized physicians have highlighted the three organ systems that make up a strong career. An annual career check up, focusing on these areas, can be the best “preventive medicine“, highlighting strengths as well as areas that might benefit from intervention.

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The Energized Doctor:

How the science of energy management can help physicians build electric careers

We’ve all heard the headlines: two out of three physicians are experiencing burnout or on their way to burnout. At the same time, other physicians are energized by their work. Who are these doctors, and what is their secret to success and longevity in an increasingly demanding healthcare environment?  Even more important than time management, learning the secrets of energy management can help physicians flourish.

Computer Robot

The Future of Doctoring: 

How to succeed in an era of change

Doctors are facing a more challenging landscape than ever before, with increasing medical complexity, the ever-expanding role of technology, and a dramatically shifting healthcare environment. There are five key roles for the doctor of the future, and physicians who master these roles will be positioned to succeed, even within a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

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