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Even the most dedicated and hard-working applicants encounter obstacles on the path to a career in medicine.

Are you a premedical student hoping to become a doctor? Are you a medical student interested in matching with a competitive specialty or residency program? Are you a resident seeking a coveted fellowship position?


At The Successful Match, we have the expertise to help you overcome challenges. Thousands of medical school, residency, and fellowship applicants have used our books and consulting services to match with coveted positions.  Learn more about how we can help you reach your goals.

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Samir Desai, M.D.
Founder and President


Samir Desai, MD serves on the faculty of the Baylor College of Medicine in the Department of Medicine. He has educated and mentored premedical students, medical students, residents, and international medical graduates, work for which he has received numerous teaching awards.


As a member of the Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine, he is deeply committed to educating and mentoring medical students. He has served on the medical school admissions and residency selection committees at the Baylor College of Medicine and Northwestern University.


Dr. Desai is an author and editor,  having written 20 books that together have sold over 250,000 copies worldwide.  These books have been widely used by medical school, residency, and fellowship applicants in the admissions and selection process. The book - The Successful Match - has been listed as Suggested Reading in the AAMC Careers in Medicine. Two other books, Success on the Wards and the Clinician's Guide to Laboratory Medicine, are required or recommended reading in many of our nation's medical schools, nurse practitioner programs, and physician assistant programs.


Some institutions where these resources have been adopted include the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine,  Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, and the University of North Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. Learn more about his books.



Dr. Desai has been invited to speak about medical school admissions, success in medical school, and residency selection at many schools, including the University of Texas Austin, University of Michigan Medical School, University of Nebraska College of Medicine, Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Rice University. If you would like to have Dr. Desai speak at your school, program, meeting, organization, or event, contact us.

Dr. Desai's Work

Medical School Admissions

Through his work on the medical school admissions, Dr. Desai has gained tremendous experience and knowledge about the factors that lead to success in the admissions process. His determination to share this knowledge widely led him to write the book Medical School Interview: Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty.


In less than 2 years, the book has reached the top of the best-seller list in its category. Kirkus Reviews wrote that the book is "likely to be found indispensable by readers embarking on the arduous process of applying to medical school."


He is also the author of the Multiple Mini Interview: Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty, a resource that has been used by thousands of applicants preparing for health professions MMIs. He enjoys working with aspiring medical students to help them reach their professional goals. During two out of the last three application cycles, 100% of his interview coaching clients gained admission to medical school. Learn more about his consulting services


Residency Admissions

Having served on the residency selection committees at two top-20 U.S. medical schools, he has developed extensive knowledge about the factors that lead to success in the residency selection process. This led him to co-author the popular resource The Successful Match, a book that has been recommended as Suggested Reading in the AAMC Careers in Medicine Student Guide. Readers prize the book's detailed advice and emphasis on strategy.


He brings the same level of detail to his residency clients, and has helped hundreds of students match successfuly with competitive specialties and programs. He especially takes great joy in helping applicants with red flags (low USMLE/COMLEX scores, failed or poor performance in basic science courses/clerkships, etc.) achieve their professional dreams.


He brings a highly individualized approach to each client, and is proud to now call many of his clients colleagues. Learn more about his consulting services.

Fellowship Admissions

In the 15 plus years he has served as a faculty member at the Baylor College of Medicine, he has mentored many residents who have successfully matched into competitive subspecialties and fellowship programs. After realizing that there were few resources available to help residents land these competitive positions, he wrote the book Resident's Guide to the Fellowship Match.


He also enjoys working with residency applicants to maximize their chances of securing positions in fellowship programs. Learn more about his consulting services.


Dr. Desai is committed to excellence in patient care, teaching, and research, and has been honored to receive multiple awards in recognition.

- National Merit Finalist

- Valedictorian, High School

- Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society

- Graduated First in Class at Wayne State University School of Medicine

- Outstanding Resident Teacher Award, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

- Chief Resident, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Department of Medicine

- Housestaff Teaching Awards (honored multiple years), Baylor College of Medicine Department of Medicine

- Fulbright & Jaworski Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching and Evaluation

- AAIM Innovations in Medicine Grant Recipient


"Over the years, I've partnered with hundreds of premedical students, medical students, and residents to develop highly individualized strategies for success. My clients have shared with me their hopes and fears, and together we've overcome a variety of obstacles and challenges.  I'll utilize my expertise and experience to help you become my colleague in medicine. Sign up now for a free consultation.Let's meet.

Samir Desai M.D.


President and Founder