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The Medical School Interview Course

Learn the secrets behind powerful, unforgettable med school interviews, without spending hours

scrolling through forums or reading articles

Our collection of “before” videos highlighting

the average, typical responses to 25 common

interview questions

So that you can learn how most other

applicants sound

Expert Advice

So that you’re not just spending hours

scrolling through forum after forum. You’ll be learning directly from the experts who wrote the books

Our step by step approach

You won’t have to guess what responses work best. We’ve interviewed and coached

thousands of students over the last 20 years.

We’ve seen what works from BOTH sides of

the desk

Our collection of “after” videos showcasing

strong, powerful, unique responses

So that you can see what an unforgettable

response looks like


“I was just accepted to a top-five medical school program!

I believe that I was qualified for the medical schools I interviewed at, but not fully prepared to

convey my qualifications. Studying The Medical School Interview and utilizing the coaching

services offered helped me best present my qualifications to the admissions committee, with amazing results I might add“

Amazon review of “The Medical School Interview” book


"I can definitively say that the advice in this book transformed the way in which I present myself. I learned how to frame my responses to set myself apart from the hundreds of other interviewees

under consideration (after all, we are much more alike than we are different!)."

We wrote the books on interview prep, and in this course, we’ll show you how to take your

interview responses from decent to strong to UNFORGETTABLE

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You have one shot at your dream school, so learn how to make the MOST of every minute of your interview.

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