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IMG Rotation Opportunities

We offer exceptional hands-on clinical experiences for international medical students and graduates. All available rotations have been carefully developed by Dr. Samir Desai and the physician preceptor with one goal in mind: to create an outstanding learning experience for you under the supervision of a dedicated physician mentor.


Dr. Desai has taken great care to hand pick physician mentors who are dedicated to excellence in patient care and teaching. Our physician mentors are committed to helping you achieve your professional goals in medicine. 

Why Choose Our Rotations?

As a faculty member at the Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Desai has heavily been involved in the creation of optimal rotation experiences for medical students and residents.


At the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, he was part of a core group of faculty educators responsible for overseeing and administering the outpatient resident clinics. He was recognized for this work by the residents, and has been the recipient of the Award for Excellence in Teaching multiple times.

To help students and residents have optimal rotation experiences at other institutions, Dr. Desai authored the book Success on the Wards. Over the years, the book has been required or recommended reading at over 1/3 of our nation's MD and DO schools.

He is now utilizing this wealth of experience to create outstanding experiences for IMGs. These rotations are all designed to help you build important clinical skills, take part in practice improvement projects that build your resume for the ERAS application, and secure strong letters of recommendation. 

What You Can Expect?

You can expect the following:

1. An opportunity to work with a dedicated physician mentor who is committed to your success. Each mentor has been carefully selected by Dr. Desai because of his or her dedication to teaching. In many cases, our mentors are faculty members or on staff at hospitals with residency programs. Their letters of recommendation will reflect their titles, and such letters will carry more weight in the residency selection process.

2. Dr. Desai will be providing you with the tools needed to succeed during your rotation. One of these tools is the widely used resource Success on the Wards, and every student will receive this book so that they can make a favorable impression.

3. Our opportunities are hands-on patient care experiences. That means you will play an important role as a team member, and your involvement will allow the physician to write a meaningful letter of recommendation that will resonate with residency programs. Our externships include outpatient, combined outpatient and inpatient, and inpatient experiences. We also have sub-internship and tele-rotation experiences. Please note that our in-person clinical experiences at most locations are still available in this time of COVID. 

4. In order for the strongest possible letter of recommendation to be developed, both the physician mentor and IMG must take an active role. Dr. Desai will be providing the IMG with the tools needed to make a favorable impression. Our physician mentors have had years of experience writing letters of recommendation but Dr. Desai also provides preceptors with the best practices in letter writing based on upon his interactions with program directors and knowledge of the latest research in the field of residency selection. 

5. While the emphasis in our rotations is to have you be actively involved in patient care, many rotations will offer you opportunities to participate in projects. The nature of the project will vary from one practice to another but Dr. Desai has discussed these projects with the physician mentor. Please note that most, but not all rotations, will have these opportunities.

Some examples include case reports, patient education handouts, and research projects. We have created this structure so that you significantly build your resume through each 1-month rotation. 

By taking part in these other activities, the physician mentor can also include this information in the letter of recommendation. This will be well received by residency programs since programs now require their residents to be involved in scholarly projects. 

6. You will have an opportunity to network. Since most of our physician mentors are well-established in their communities, it will be a valuable opportunity to network. In some cases, there will be fellows and residents rotating through these clinics. In other cases, you will accompany the physician mentor to the teaching hospital where you may attend lectures or Grand Rounds. 

We will also give you instruction on how to network in the community with the different residency programs in the area. Such efforts can help you secure interviews. 

Considerable effort and care have been expended to provide you with an optimal experience. We know how important this is to your future. 

Available externships can be viewed on our new website: MD2B Connect

See why are MD2B Connect Program is the highest rated and most trusted provider of hands-on clinical experiences in the U.S. 

Current opportunities are available in Albuquerque, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, College Station, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Little Rock, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, Richmond, San Antonio, St. Louis, Tampa, and Washington D.C. 

Contact us at for more information.

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