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The Successful Match 2017: Rules to Succeed in The Residency Match

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"This book is definitely the most comprehensive, longest and most thorough book you will read about residency matching...It’s jam packed with references, statistics and interviews of program directors and residents."

Medaholic Website

What does it take to match into the specialty of your choice?

This question is hotly debated, and surveys of applicants and program directors find sharp divisions on the topic. In one survey study, the authors concluded that "there are significant differences between program directors' and medical students' perceptions of which factors are important in the residency selection process" (Brandenburg 2005).

In advising students over the years, we've found that misperceptions abound, with applicants frequently overestimating or underestimating certain residency selection criteria. These misperceptions may result in a failure to match.

From our own experiences as students, and in the process of counseling applicants, we know how difficult, anxiety-provoking, and mysterious the residency selection process can be. In this book, we answer the question of what it takes to match successfully. We provide specific evidence-based advice to maximize your chances of a successful match.

Who actually chooses the residents? We review the data on the decision makers. What do these decision makers care about? We review the data on the criteria that matter to them. How can you convince them that you would be the right resident for their program? We provide concrete, practical recommendations based on this data. At every step of the process, our recommendations are meant to maximize the impact of your application.

Utilizing a unique combination of evidence-based advice and an insiders' perspective, this book will help you achieve your ultimate goal: The Successful Match.

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Recommended as Suggested Reading by the AAMC in the AAMC Careers in Medicine Student Guide

Recommended by AMWA in AMWA's Guide to Medical School

"The Successful Match the best-selling and most highly-rated book in this field. The information and advice provided in this book are also valuable and more up-to-date."

Dr. Gary Zhou

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology

Yale School of Medicine

The authors "provide the medical student reader with detailed preparation for the matching process."

AMSA Journal The New Physician

"In this book, the authors do a wonderful job of addressing many myths and rumors that exist out there. They don't merely provide their opinions, but instead provide hard data -- the results of surveys and studies, as well as direct quotes from important decision makers such as residency program directors."

A. Mallik

Amazon Review

"I truly felt it painted the whole picture of what you should do to successfully get matched into a residency. I would say this book is a required read for the third and fourth year."
Medical School Success Website

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