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CASPer book

CASPer Test Prep Guide (2022-2023): 
How to Prepare and Practice for the CASPer Exam
Using Expert Strategies

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"This book was essential for my CASPER prep. The example questions/responses in particular were really thought-provoking and helpful! It's hard to find a CASPER sample test that has answers I could actually reasonably write in just a few minutes, so the more realistic responses in this book were much more useful. Would recommend for all my fellow premeds!"
Elise (Amazon Review).

CASPer Test Prep Guide (2022-2023): 

CASPer book

The expert, practical, and efficient guide to preparing for the Casper exam. 

With major changes to the exam format in 2022, it’s important for students to be as prepared as possible. With a full-length sample test and responses, along with high-impact tips and strategies and an analysis of Casper question types, this book will help prepare you for success.

As of 2022, the Casper test was required by over 50 US medical schools, close to 50 physician assistant schools, 12 dental schools, and many more professional schools in the United States, Canada, and other countries.

Why is this exam so challenging?


The test is designed to be completed under significant time pressures because the graders are looking for your automatic response. 

  • What are the 5 main categories of questions found on the Casper test?

  • What is the I3P framework, and how can it help you organize your thoughts when responding to a situational judgment question?

  • You might be asked to create a policy to prevent a challenging situation from occurring in the future. What are the three key features of creating this policy?

  • What is story banking, and why is it so important when answering behavioral interview questions?


The Casper Test Prep Guide covers all of these areas and more. You'll find key tips and strategies along with a review of the 5 major question types and associated frameworks. With a full-length practice test and sample responses, this book will help provide the confidence you need to excel on the Casper.



"I'm a pre-PA, and as the pre-PAs know, CASPer exam is required for some programs. I was really stressed about it, because I get bad test anxiety, but this book helped so so so much. It gives really helpful advice, and the practice questions made me feel a lot better walking into the exam. I've tried the other books, but I liked this one the best! You should get it!!! You won't regret it!!! I know Reddit says "who preps for the CASPer" but honestly I felt so so much more confident."
Samira (Amazon Review).

"Gave really helpful tips and advice on the CASPer test as I head into the upcoming medical school application cycle. Really excited to practice and apply them to the actual test!"
HK (Amazon Review).

"This book is great for premeds preparing for the Casper exam. There are limited resources out there for such a new exam, and this is a great way to prepare with evidence-based tricks and tips. I would highly recommend this book to prepare!!"
DZ (Amazon Review).

"As a pre-med student, I can definitely say that this guide provides a lot of very insightful advice for the Casper test! Would recommend for anyone looking to apply to medical school in the near-future."
Jessica (Amazon Review).

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