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From a Strategy for Success client:


"I wanted to let you know that I matched into my # 1 ranked program! The plan you created made all the difference. I would never have thought to do those things. The advice went so far beyond what you typically hear."

Residency Admissions

I'm Dr. Samir Desai, and I'm very passionate about helping individuals reach their goals in medicine.


I've partnered with hundreds of applicants to help them reach their goals, whether that's via coaching for a medical school or residency interview, or via a Strategy for Success session with a student or IMG planning for medical school or residency applications. 


For every service listed below, you will work personally with me.

I derive great satisfaction from partnering one-on-one with applicants. But in order to provide personal, highly individualized coaching to every single one of my clients, I limit the number of applicants with whom I work. To check my availability, please send an email.

More details about these services are provided below.


We have a strong track record of success in placing U.S. medical students and international medical graduates into competitive specialties and residency programs. Our success is based on the utilization of a highly individualized approach that requires an extensive understanding of your background, credentials, and professional aspirations.


I've worked with top students, as well those facing significant obstacles or challenges. Among the challenges I've helped my clients overcome:


  • Low USMLE Step score (or failed attempt)

  • Low COMLEX score (or failed attempt)

  • Poor clerkship performance

  • Poor preclinical course grades or performance

  • Failure to Match

  • Need to Match in a particular geographic area

  • Concern about matching because of few interviews


To learn more about these services, please visit MD2B Connect (

Letter of Recommendation Editing Service

Has your attending physician or advisor asked you to draft your own letter of recommendation? Not sure how to proceed? We can help you develop a powerful letter.

Interview Coaching Service

"Dr. Desai went through every possible permutation of interview questions that I expected to receive during my interview. We thoroughly went through and discussed every question and how best to present myself in a favorable light."

Strategy for Success
PS Services
Interview Coaching
CV Services
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