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Fellowship Admissions

MD2B consulting provides expert one-on-one consulting services to applicants seeking positions in U.S. fellowship training programs. We've helped hundreds of fellowship applicants reach their professional goals. Simply put, no one else can offer the knowledge, insight, expertise, and resources we can. After all, we wrote the book on matching. 

What is your subspecialty of interest? Visit our subspecialties page for resources to help you secure a fellowship position?

Learn more about consulting services offered by MD2B. Schedule a free consultation.

Note: All applicants work directly with Dr. Samir Desai, the author of The Successful Match and Resident's Guide to the Fellowship Match.

Who utilizes our consulting services?



  • Internal medicine resident seeking a competitive cardiology fellowship program

  • Ophthalmology resident hoping to secure a position in a top retina fellowship program

  • Orthopedic surgery resident in need of a comprehensive strategy to maximize his chances of matching into a sports medicine fellowship in a certain geographic area

  • Surgery resident seeking guidance on how to become published during residency to enhance her chances of entering the field of pediatric surgery

  • Pediatric resident with a low USMLE Step 1 score concerned about her chances of landing a fellowship position in pediatric gastroenterology

  • Surgery resident with a low ABSITE score worried about how the score may affect his chances for fellowship training

  • IMG applicant who received only 3 fellowship interviews because of visa issues concerned about his interview skills

  • A new pathology resident desiring to get a head start on the competition for fellowship positions


Each of these applicants achieved success. Read about our consulting services below.

ERAS Application Form Review/ Editing Service

"I matched to my # 1 choice! The detailed application form you edited for me was so helpful." 

Strategy for Success Session

"I wanted to let you know that I matched into my #1 ranked program! The plan you created made all the difference. I would never have thought to do those things. The advice went so far beyond what you typically hear"

Letter of Recommendation Editing Service

Has your attending physician or advisor asked you to draft your own letter of recommendation? Not sure how to proceed? We can help you develop a powerful letter.

Personal Statement Review and Editing Service

"I had it reviewed by my department's program director, and he said it was one of the best statements he has ever read."

CV Review and Editing Service

Although your personal and unique CV won't be a part of your residency application, the CV will play an important role in your chances of matching successfully.

The CV is used by medical schools to complete your MSPE, advisors seeking to provide you with the best possible advice, letter writers wishing to write you strong letters of recommendation, faculty members considering you for research opportunities, and scholarship and award programs

Interview Coaching Service

"Dr. Desai went through every possible permutation of interview questions that I expected to receive during my interview. We thoroughly went through and discussed every question and how best to present myself in a favorable light."

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