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Personal Statement Review and Editing Service

One of our medical student clients:  


"With my low COMLEX scores, I didn't think I had much of a chance of matching into OB/GYN. I really believe the statement made a difference, especially the hook. It really made me a memorable applicant. I can't believe I matched into an allopathic program."

The personal statement is an important component of the residency and fellowship application. In the 2012 NRMP Program Director Survey, 77% of residency programs cited the personal statement as a factor in selecting applicants to interview.


While a well-written statement can strengthen your application, a poorly written one can eliminate you from further consideration, even if your other credentials are attractive.


It's also common for applicants to submit a bland statement that lacks impact. This represents a lost opportunity to impress the program. We have considerable experience in reviewing, editing, and polishing personal statements. Read our FAQs below for more information.


How does your personal statement review and editing service differ from other services?

The process begins with a 1-hour phone conversation between you and Dr. Samir Desai, author of The Successful Match and Resident's Guide to the Fellowship Match. The goal is to learn as much as possible about you, your background, your credentials, and your interests. To make this conversation as productive as possible, applicants are encouraged to submit any available documents, including CV and personal statement draft (if available).

Why is this phone conversation important?

Residency and fellowship programs will be evaluating your statement partly based on content. In Dr. Desai's experience, it's common for applicants to leave out important content, information that would be appealing to programs in their decision-making process.  

What makes you stand out from other applicants? In Dr. Desai's experience, all applicants have something that makes them stand out. It may not be apparent to the applicant, but an extensive conversation often sheds light on these factors. Without the initial phone conversation, important content may not be identified and incorporated into the statement.

The phone conversation also allows for discussion of your overall residency application strategy.

What happens after the phone conversation?

Applicants who have a draft in hand may choose to revise the statement based on the discussion. Applicants who have not yet started work on the statement will have better direction on how to proceed.

Once the applicant has a draft, the next step will be to submit the statement to Dr. Desai for review. If there are no issues with content, the draft will be submitted to one of our Harvard-trained writing experts.

What does the writing expert do?

Our writing expert will offer specific comments about your draft. We will identify mistakes, offer tips on word choice, and point out ways to use fewer words to make the same points and impact. Sentence structure, flow, and transitions between paragraphs will also be addressed.

We won't hesitate to share our thoughts with you. Our goal is to partner with you to develop the most powerful and compelling statement possible, one that will make the selection committee say, "I want to meet this applicant."

How many revisions are part of the service?

There is no limit on the number of revisions. We want you to be satisfied with your statement.

How long does it take to review, edit, and polish the personal statement?

We recommend starting the process as soon as possible. Having considerable time before the application is due allows for the development of a powerful personal statement. Months are better than weeks, and weeks are better than days, but we understand that time may not be on your side. We will work with you to meet your goals.

Why does your service cost more than other services?

Prices for personal statement services vary widely. Our price ($995) is on the higher end of the range, but is comparable to other well-known services. Unlike other services, we take a special approach that begins with content and ends with detailed advice about grammar, flow, and readability.

Our team, consisting of Dr. Samir Desai and Harvard-trained writing experts, work closely with you. They bring a level of expertise that is unmatched, the attention to detail that you absolutely deserve, and the philosophy that the statement is not done until you are satisfied.


"I was surprised to see how my interest in whitewater rafting would make for a good personal statement for residency application. But it worked! Interviewers asked me about it all the time."

"Your advice on how to address the failed Step 2 CK exam in the statement was very helpful."

"The statement was wonderful. Loved how it flowed."

"I had it reviewed by my department's program director, and he said it was one of the best statements he has ever read."

How It Works

Step 1: Purchase the Service from our online store



Step 2: Send the personal statement draft (if available but not required) with your CV to us at


Step 3: Your statement will be reviewed in great detail by Dr. Samir Desai.


Step 4: Following review of your statement draft and CV, Dr. Desai will send you a list of questions to answer. The focus will be on ensuring that key content from your background is not overlooked.

Step 5: Dr. Desai will then provide suggestions on how the content of the statement can be changed to make the most impact on programs

Step 6: Once the content is finalized, your statement will then be reviewed and edited by one of our writing experts.

Step 7: We will work with you until you are satisfied (no limit on # of revisions).

We require all personal statement drafts to be received by August 15 in order to create a high quality statement that you can submit on the earliest day possible. 



Questions? Contact Us.

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