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Success in Medical School: Insider Advice for the Preclinical Years

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"Early in my medical training I diligently sought to make the most use of my time, yet found that there were countless resources available that were filled with suggestions on how to maximize productivity and help me to achieve my short and long term professional goals. In an attempt to save a fellow or prospective student time, this book has everything you need to be successful and it is very well written - it is well worth reading cover to cover and as a reference when specific questions about training come up."

TD (Amazon Review).

Medical school is intense, demanding, and stressful. How can you overcome the challenges to excel? 


How can you make the most of your preclinical years to build a strong foundation for your career as a physician? What do you need to do as a preclinical student to maximize your chances of matching with the specialty and residency program of your choice?


To succeed in medical school, you will obviously have to work hard. Although a strong work ethic is important, it is nowhere near enough. As faculty advisors, we've found that misperceptions about the factors leading to success as a student and in the residency match are shockingly common. Our detailed advice, based on evidence from research in the field and experiences with high-performing students, will provide you a strategy for success. 


How can you identify if you're at risk for a low USMLE score? How can you boost your performance? What study skills separate the top from the average students? How can you choose a research project and advisor that leads to publication? How can you participate in community service and make meaningful contributions? Why is leadership in medical school important? 


Matching with a competitive specialty requires strategic planning early in medical school. What early decisions can students make to maximize match success? 


Utilizing a strong combination of evidence-based advice and insider knowledge, this book will provide you the knowledge and guidance you need to achieve success in medical school.

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Advice for the New Medical Student


"Overall, I recommend this book...The book has so much information about everything (except for preclinical courses) that there has to be a part of the book that will satisfy your interests.

Medical School Success Website.

" it really does cover all areas of the preclinical years, we instead recommend having it on hand and referencing sections that are relevant to a student’s stage in medical school as they arise."

Med Student Books Website.

"This has been a very helpful and informative book! I'm a second-year medical student in the DC area, and I was given this book before starting my first year of medical school. Unfortunately, I didn't begin reading it until after my first year and I regret it everyday. The book is written in a "list" format where you can easily find sections that may more specifically apply to what you're looking for (ie study skills, USMLE preparation, etc). The authors have researched everything very well."

Amazon Review.

"I, personally, struggled with the transition from college to medical school. Reading this book, or at least getting a feel for the medical school environment beforehand, would have greatly alleviated that burden."

Nick (Amazon Review).

I would recommend this book to a friend who is considering medical school and is just starting med school just for the sake of getting a jump start. The book gives advice on how to handle the stress, how to make connections with key advisers and faculty, what types of extra curricular activities to do and even figuring out what would make you happy as a specialty. Overall, the book does a complete job in laying the groundwork of what makes a medical student successful

FaQs (Amazon Review).

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