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Success on the Wards: 250 Rules for Clerkship Success

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"This book offers the preclinical reader insight and an insider's view of what you will face during your clinical years of medical school, and that will allow you to really perform well. It focuses on the details, and those details will be the ones that set you apart from other medical students."

AMSA The New Physician (Review from September 2012).

This is an absolute must-read for students entering clinical rotations. The authors of The Successful Match 2017 bring their same combination of practical recommendations and evidence-based advice to clerkships.


The book begins as a how-to guide with clerkship-specific templates, along with sample notes and guides, for every aspect of clerkships.


The book reviews proven strategies for success in patient care, write-ups, rounds, and other vital areas.


Grades in required rotations are the most important academic criteria used to select residents, and this critical year can determine career choices. This book shows students what they can do now to position themselves to match success.


An invaluable resource for medical students - no student should be without it.


Since 2006, Success on the Wards (and its previous edition) has been adopted by a number of allopathic and osteopathic medical schools as a required or recommended textbook for medical students beginning clerkships. Educators have praised this resource as having the right combination of practical recommendations and evidence-based advice for clerkship success.

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"House staff and attending physicians with teaching responsibilities may also benefit from the text."

Journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings (Review of the previous edition).

"...does a thorough job of demystifying the elements and culture of the clerkships."

Journal Teaching and Learning in Medicine (Review of the previous edition).

"Success on the Wards is an excellent reference for any 3rd year medical student and some is probably great reading for advanced students and even residents and interns. The book would also be a terrific reference for international students or beginning interns to learn the US clerkship system. The book is well written and an easy read. The numerous literature supported references gives the book some real relevance and makes the evidence believable, instead of being heavily opinionated and only a few of one or two people."

Medfools Review.

"If you can understand everything in the book and are able to apply it, you will be a stellar third-year and fourth-year medical student. Heck, if you apply everything in the book, you will be a stellar intern for your first year of residency."

Medical School Success Website.

"Success on the Wards is easily the best book I have read on how to succeed in clerkship. It is comprehensive, thorough and jam-packed with valuable information."

Medaholic Website

"This is a strong resource for medical students starting their clerkships. Extremely well organized and covered all the cores rotations in depth. Particularly useful were the multiple "Tips" and "Rules" that accompanied each section. Definitely a must-have for those looking to impress their attendings during their rotations."

Amazon Review

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