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Dr. Katta is a dermatologist and award-winning educator. She served as Professor of Dermatology at the Baylor College of Medicine for over 17 years, and currently serves as Adjunct Clinical Faculty of both Baylor and the McGovern Medical School, University of Texas Houston. 


  • Dr. Katta has authored a total of 9 books and over 100 medical journal articles and book chapters on diet and dermatology, allergic reactions of the skin, and career development.

  • As a member of the Media Expert Team of the American Academy of Dermatology, she speaks to media outlets frequently to provide evidence-based advice and combat medical misinformation. 

  • She is also on a mission to promote strong, energized careers, and frequently writes on career development and thriving at work. 

International Speaker

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"Dr. Katta is a highly engaging speaker with a hope filled message that inspires people with evidence based science to transform their skin and health through actionable lifestyle changes. 


She possesses the unique ability to break down complex concepts into simple, easily digestible "bites" of information...


Dr. Katta has always received the highest praise for her presentations at our events."


Scott Stoll  MD, Co-Founder of The Plantrician Project and The International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention 

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Recent Presentations


Innovation Academy

Practice Efficiency

Vancouver, Canada

August 2022


HUYD Congress

Skin Saving Foods

Diet and Dermatology

Ultrecht, The Netherlands

March 2023


European Academy of Dermatology

Menopause Symposium

Nutrition, Menopause, and the Skin

Milan, Italy

September 2022


American Academy of Dermatology

Diet and Skin Aging

New Orleans

March 2023

Artichoke Spread

The Plantrician Project

Plant-Based Diet and Dermatology

Virtual Town Hall

December 2022

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Texas Medical Association

The Career Checkup: Your Prescription for a Strong, Healthy Career

Fort Worth

May 2023

Selected Books

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"...does a thorough job of demystifying the elements and culture of the clerkships."


Journal Teaching and Learning in Medicine

"This book offers the preclinical reader insight and an insider's view of what you will face during your clinical years of medical school, and that will allow you to really perform well. It focuses on the details, and those details will be the ones that set you apart from other medical students."

AMSA Journal The New Physician


"Dr. Rajani Katta, dermatologist and educator, balances medical expertise and current research with an approachable style ...All in all, the connection of scientific research and practice to everyday life has been extremely well done"


San Francisco Book Review

“So excited to finally have a comprehensive, well-organized book that provides insightful info on the importance of diet in not only dermatology but other medical fields as well. ”

Amazon Review

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"The authors "provide the medical student reader with detailed preparation for the matching process."

AMSA Journal The New Physician

Recommended as Suggested Reading by the AAMC in the AAMC Careers in Medicine Student Guide

Recommended by AMWA in AMWA's Guide to Medical School


 "In a little over 400 pages one can feel more confidently ready to present their opinion on current issues in healthcare and medical ethics and the hot topics that admissions committees favor. There are plentiful examples and a wide range of scenarios and responses, along with excellent references that could be looked into for more details. I cannot recommend this book more highly!"


Amazon review

 "Some say one can’t prepare for interviews, but after reading this book... I disagree that one “can’t really prepare” for the MMI— I can’t imagine scheduling any graduate school program interview without the preparation of having read this book! ... It is more like a treatise on interviewing..."


Amazon review

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