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Answering Healthcare Questions During Medical School Interviews: Some New Considerations

With a few days left before President-Elect Donald Trump assumes the presidency of the U.S., stakeholders in the health care industry are bracing for the impact of what may be his first major initiative: repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Upending the ACA will have tremendous effects on hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and, of course, patients.

As the nation readies itself for changes to the health law, so too must medical school and residency applicants preparing for admissions interviews. In the article "How To Nail Interview Questions About Health Care," I wrote about why such questions are asked, how best to answer them, and how these answers are evaluated. Now, in addition to preparing for questions like "What is your understanding of the Affordable Care Act," we need to add several new questions to the list:

  • What do you think about repealing the Affordable Care Act?

  • What effect will repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act have on health care?

To prepare effective responses to these questions, I encourage you to become well informed of how repeal of the ACA will effect stakeholders. Some articles I recommend include:

To understand how doctors view repeal of the ACA, read the following:

Health care questions have been a staple of admissions interviews for decades, and you should not be surprised to be asked such questions, especially given how hot of a topic health law is these days. With the knowledge that you gain from these articles, you will be well-equipped to deliver compelling answers to these very difficult questions.

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