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Preclinical Years

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The preclinical years of medical school are important for students considering a career in Urology.

With so many highly qualified applicants to choose among, urology residency programs also look for involvement in extracurricular activities, community service, and research. 

The preclinical years are an excellent time to build these credentials

3 ways to Build your Credentials in Urology as a Preclinical Student

  • Almost all students who apply to urology will have performed research. Opportunities to participate in urology research during the summer following the first year are often available at schools with academic urology departments. The American Urological Association Foundation offers the Herbert Brendler, MD Summer Medical Student Fellowship Program to students interested in performing urologic research. The Sexual Medicine Society of North America also offers funding through the Sexuality Research Grants Program.

  • You may be able to identify mentors through national organizations. For example, the Society of Women in Urology has a Mentor Program. To be eligible for the program, you must become a member of the society.

  • Many urologists are making contributions to the field by traveling to other countries and caring for the underserved. These trips are often arranged through established organizations such as IVUmed and students may be welcome to join these teams. The Urology Times has an excellent article about international surgical missions for students seeking more information.

For more information on how to stand out in Urology as a preclinical student, turn to our book Success in Medical School: Insider Advice for the Preclinical Years

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