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Why Urology?

Why Urology

The Urology Personal Statement is an important component of the urology residency application. Program directors seek to understand why you have chosen to pursue a career in urology.


In our document Why Urology?, you'll learn the top 9 reasons why medical students choose the specialty. You'll also learn about the 10 reasons why practicing urologists entered the field. The document also features actual quotes from 20 academic and private urologists about the reasons that led them to enter the field.


Why Urology? will not only help you develop the personal statement but will also ready you for the most common question you will be asked in residency interviews - "Why do you want to become a urologist?"


Written by Dr. Samir Desai, author of the book The Successful Match: 200 Rules to Succeed in the Residency Match, this is information you must have.


Note: This is an e-document, and you will receive a link to access the document following purchase.


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