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GPA (Medical School Admissions)


1 Not all schools have a minimum grade point average


2 Look to see if you can manage a rigorous academic curriculum


3 Some schools like UAB mandate a "C" or better in all required courses


Loma Linda - CLEP, pass/fail performances, and online classes are not acceptable for the science required courses. Additionally, science credits earned in professional schools (e.g., allied health professions, business, dentistry, nursing or pharmacy) do not fulfill requirements for admissions to medicine.


  • Undergraduate grades, grade trends, and course load



David Geffen - AP credit will not be accepted for completion of required courses.


UC Riverside - AP credit with a score of 4 or 5 (or International Baccalaureate score of 6 or 7) can be used to satisfy one quarter or one semester of English and one quarter or one semester of mathematics. AP (or IB) credit can NOT be used to satisfy the physics, chemistry or biology requirements.


UCSD - Many students earn AP credit and are allowed to “pass out” of introductory courses in subjects such as Biology and Chemistry at their undergraduate school.    In these cases, we recommend that applicants take upper division courses in these subjects.   Applicants that pass out of the intro-level courses will not be penalized in our review of the application.


UCSD - Applicants that take on-line coursework from an accredited school will not be at a disadvantage when compared to applicants that take “in-person” coursework.






1 Schools often have a minimum score for consideration of interview. Presently, they will list that for old and new MCAT.


2 Some schools will only look at most recent MCAT score reported


3 Minimum scores for special programs like Early Decision or Rural Programs may have different criteria


4 In scheduling the MCAT, you should be aware of the latest date that the school will consider for the entering class you desire to be a part of. September is often the latest date


5 Some schools will only consider MCAT scores valid if taken within a certain time period i.e, within three years of intended matriculation


6 Schools are learning how to use the new MCAT for admissions decisions


7 No need to wait until MCAT is ready for you to submit application. Earlier you submit application, the longer it is considered in the application pool.


8) Although some schools average scores, others do not.


9) Although some will take your most recent score, others will take the highest score within the past 3 years. 


10) Some schools will consider all the scores


Keck - Although a single strong MCAT score is always the best strategy, we consider all MCAT scores in making decisions regarding candidacy. A sequence of scores tells us about timing and judgment as well as mastery of the material. Scores are not the sole determinants of an applicant’s acceptability. They are considered in relation to all of the other components of an application.


Stanford - You must inform us through your online AMCAS application if you are taking the MCAT at any time during the period of June-September 2016. Failure to do so will result in your application being processed and reviewed with the most recent MCAT scores available.

UCSF - For applicants who decide to take the MCAT more than once, the committee looks at the most recent scores.


Credit Hours


1 Many schools require or recommend that applicants report at least 90 hours of undergraduate course credit on the AMCAS application 




1 All majors given similar consideration


2 You should consider how your major will prepare you for the rigorous science coursework of medical school


3 Also how your major will be useful if you are not accepted to medical school


"The College of Medicine values academic diversity," writes the University of Arizona College of Medicine. "We don't favor science majors over non-science majors during the application review process."


"Applicants with pre-medical majors have no particular advantage over applicants majoring in other fields," writes the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Successful applicants, however, will be highly motivated individuals with a solid foundation in the natural sciences.


UC Irvine - No specific major is required. However, demonstrated ability in the sciences is of great importance. In addition, applicants are advised to take advantage of the intellectual maturation afforded by a well-rounded liberal arts education. English, the humanities and the social and behavioral sciences are considered particularly important.


UC Riverside - Although students must complete the required pre-medical coursework listed below, students are not required to be science majors to do so. We value broad academic backgrounds that include humanities, foreign language, social sciences and the arts to help prepare future physicians for interacting with increasingly diverse patient populations, health care professionals and colleagues.


UCSF - We welcome applicants who have pursued a wide range of undergraduate disciplines. Students who elected to major in the humanities and social sciences are also expected to complete the required science courses. This does not mean that we encourage students to pursue a smattering of knowledge in a great many subjects. Rather, we believe that you gain the richest, most satisfying intellectual experience from the in-depth study of a subject that captures your passion.


Citizenship Status


1 Some schools only consider U.S. citizens and permanent residents


Out of State


Non-Arkansas residents with strong ties to Arkansas are given preference. Individuals with strong ties should communicate this information to the Office of Admissions by Nov. 15.




1 With the MCAT now including biochemistry, many schools are requiring or expecting applicants to take Biochemistry

2 Typically schools recommend two semesters of Organic Chemistry

3 If you are awarded AP or CLEP credit, you will still have to complete college chemistry courses at some schools

4 Online courses are not accepted by many schools

5 Although some may accept community college chemistry courses, others will not

6 Some schools require or recommend lab



 NOTE:  U.S. Advanced Placement credits will be accepted with proper denotation on the undergraduate transcript.


  • You can apply while in the process of completing these courses.

  • All core prerequisites must be completed at an accredited college or university within the United States or Canada, regardless of prior completion.

  • Community college coursework is accepted.

  • Core prerequisite courses must be graded with a “C” or better. P/F Credit is not accepted.

  • College course credit awarded for AP science courses may fulfill the relevant core prerequisites. The admissions committee will also expect to see advanced-level undergraduate courses in the science disciplines for which the AP credit was awarded.

  • CLEP, AP and IB credits are acceptable only if shown on a college transcript from an accredited undergraduate degree-granting institution.  If they show as a grade of "G" on transcripts, we will ask for your scores.





Some schools require or recommend lab

Some schools may recommend Microbiology, Immunology, or Microbiology/Immunobiology

One semester of Genetics required by some schools


UC Irvine - 

1.5 years, which includes one upper division biology course.

Examples of courses considered upper division biology are: cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, immunology, molecular biology, physiology and virology.




  • We accept AP or CLEP credit for physics.

  • Online and Community College Physics courses are accepted.

  • Some schools require or recommed lab




Some schools require Calculus

  • A 3 hour college course in biostatistics or statistics is expected, but not required.

  • Applicants with 6 hours of college level math coursework other than biostatistics/statistics will also meet the requirements.  

  • Applicants awarded AP or CLEP credit for statistics need an additional 3 hours of college math and should complete a college level biostatistics course to meet the requirement.

  • Applicants awarded AP or CLEP credit for calculus need an additional 3 hours of college math and should complete a statistics/biostatistics course to meet the requirement.

  • Computer science courses are not accepted to meet the math requirement.


One semester of Statistics required by some schools.




Some schools mandate certain semesters of Humanities


some recommend college Spanish




  • If your school requires writing composition, literature or interdisciplinary reading and writing intensive courses in lieu of courses that are listed as "English" on the transcript, please indicate in your secondary application the courses on your transcript that you believe meet this requirement.

  • AP and CLEP credit for English courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Online and Community College English courses are accepted.



Behavioral or Social Sciences


Applicants are encouraged to take courses in behavioral and social sciences.  These subject areas are reflected on the new MCAT. Introduction into Psychology or Abnormal Psychology would be potential course options. Examples of Social/Behavioral Sciences (e.g. Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Anthropology, Public Policy, Behavioral Health, and History)


**Psychology and Sociology are strongly recommended, but the following courses listed in the AMCAS Course Classification Guide are also acceptable. Behavioral Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Family Studies, Psychology, Sociology Philosophy and Religion: Ethics, Logic, Philosophy, Religion, Theology


What is the format of the interview?



You will have two interview sessions. The first session will be the Multiple Mini Interview. The second session will be the traditional interview.



What will the Multiple Mini Interview be like?



According to the school, there will be 7 - 10 stations in which you will have to respond to a question, participate in a scenario, or complete a task. 



What are some tips for the Multiple Mini Interview?



Useful tips for the University of Alabama Multiple Mini Interview can be found on the school's website. We also recommend our book Multiple Mini Interview: Winning Strategies From Admissions Faculty (see below). 



What will the traditional interview be like?



Your traditional interview at the University of Alabama will be a one-on-one interview with an Admissions Committee Member. It will last 25 minutes.



What are some tips for the Traditional Interview?



We have written several articles that will help you get started with your preparation:










What Else Can We Do To Help You Ace The University of Alabama Medical School Interview?

Ace your MMI with our book  Multiple Mini Interview (MMI): Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty.


Read the first chapter



Deliver a powerful interview performance with our book (traditional interview), The Medical School Interview: Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty.

Read the first chapter

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