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The medical school interview: more important than MCAT and GPA for admissions decisions

1 out of 5 high achievers are rejected: 
Even with GPAs above 3.8 AND high MCAT scores

Are you overwhelmed?
Burned out by med school applications and essays?
Do you know how important med school interviews are, but...

you just don't know where to start or what to say?

We can help.

We're the interview coaches and authors behind
The Medical School Interview: Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty and
The MMI: Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty.

We've worked with hundreds of applicants,
including students like "Sarah" who came to us because she was...

 Young Woman Contemplating
  • Burned out. Those applications had taken weeks and weeks of intense work.

  • Anxious. She knew several students who hadn't made it into medical school, despite great MCAT scores and high GPAs.

  • Overwhelmed. As she started to search "medical school interview", she was hit with thousands of pages of results

  • Confused. Just reading a few of these pages, and she was already lost. Some posts directly contradicted others.

  • Worried. How was she going to stand out, when she was worried that everybody else was reading the same posts and discussion forums?

That's why we created our signature course:
to help students like Sarah and the hundreds of other applicants we've worked with.

How did we help Sarah?

Through our signature course, you will...

Learn our simple, straightforward,

step-by-step approach to the major med school interview questions

Recieve clear explanations and before-and-after videos.

No more worrying about where to start or what to say.

Learn how to craft powerful, unique responses.

No more concerns about sounding like every other applicant.

Learn how to craft unforgettable responses.

Because the stakes are too high for you to bring anything but your best.

Hear from students like you who were accepted into their dream medical school:

I can definitively say that the advice in this book transformed the way in which I present myself. I learned how to frame my responses to set myself apart from the hundreds of other interviewees under consideration.

I was just accepted to a top-five medical school program!


Studying The Medical School Interview and utilizing the coaching services offered helped me best present my qualifications to the admissions committee, with amazing results I might add.

I was recently accepted to my dream medical school and was informed by the dean that I scored nearly perfect on the interview. I can 100% thank this book, and the MMI version.


Medical School Interviewing 101

Our online course, with before-and-after videos detailing our step-by-step approach to the common medical school interview questions

The Residency Interview 101

Our online course, with before-and-after videos detailing our step-by-step approach to the common residency interview questions

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