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Testimonials (ERAS Application Review and Editing Service)

"I was a re-applicant when I found Dr. Desai. I was hesitant about using a service because I had a bad experience the year before with another service. Right from the start, it was completely different. Dr. Desai took the time to get to know me, and that helped me a lot. We went back and forth until my ERAS CV was just right. He said there wouldn't be a limit on revisions, and he was true to his word."

"On the recommendation of a friend, I reached out to Dr. Desai. After sending my ERAS CV to Dr. Desai, I thought he would simply fix any spelling/grammar errors, maybe change around some words. Before he even sent anything back to me, he contacted me to get more information about my activities. Then he took what I said and used it to transform my application. Go with Dr. Desai - you won't regret it."

"I was going after derm. Although I was a good applicant, matching was no sure thing. Some of my school's students before me had failed to match with the same stats. I found Dr. Desai through an internet search, and the rest, as they say, is history. After a fantastic job on my ERAS application (and my mock interview), I matched!"

"I had no idea how much better my ERAS CV could be until Dr. Desai reviewed and edited it. I shouldn't have been surprised after having read his book - The Successful Match."

"For some crazy reason, everyone in my class decided to go for ortho. Okay, not everyone but 15 of my classmates. I knew that it would be hard for all of us to match so I signed up for Dr. Desai's service. He was easily able to elevate my application, and I knew that I sounded different than other applicants. Working with him turned out to be one of the best things that I did."

"After reading my common application form, Dr. Desai showed me how I could make it stronger. I had the right background and experiences but I didn't present it properly. He really knows how to make things stand out."

"Last year, I applied for residency in Internal Medicine but I didn't match due to lack of experience and preparation. This year, I was lucky enough to discover Dr. Desai early in the application process. Thanks to his recommendations and advice, I received ten invitations for interviews in very well known and respected programs such as Loma Linda University and Johns Hopkins University/Sinai Hospital. In the middle of the my interview season, I was offered a pre-match contract, accepted it, and dropped the rest of my interviews."

"The CV you helped me write was leaps better than what I had written and helped me get my residency. Thank you so much."

"If you are looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of getting a residency, then you have the right person. I had worked with another company without success but what makes Dr. Desai different is that he truly cares. He is so detailed that he leaves nothing to chance. With his help, I matched. I only wished I had found him earlier."

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