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100% of our medical school interview coaching clients were accepted into medical school in 3 of the past 5 years.

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The Medical School Interview

The interview is the most critical step in the medical school admissions process.


  • While the other elements of your application will help you get an interview, your interview performance will strongly influence the ultimate decision. 

  • Unfortunately, many qualified applicants lose any chance of admission because of a poor interview.



That's where we come in. MD2B consulting provides expert interview coaching services to medical school applicants. 


What sets us apart from other services?

  • To begin with, all applicants work directly with Dr. Samir Desai or Dr. Rajani Katta, medical school professors and authors of multiple highly regarded medical education books.




What happens in an interview coaching session?

  • We work with you to develop answers that are compelling and memorable.

  • We start by taking the time to understand your background and your goals, and use that information to help determine what you can bring to a medical school. 

  • One of the keys to our approach is that you learn how to tailor your responses to particular medical schools. This is precisely the type of detail that can make all the difference.



To give you an idea of the type of guidance we provide during your mock interview session (including examples of answers to interview questions), please check out our podcast. 

Who utilizes our interview coaching services?


- A student with only one interview at an allopathic medical school
- An applicant switching careers from business to medicine who is concerned about how his business background would be viewed by interviewers
- An applicant with poor grades during the first year of college who is unsure of how to address this potential red flag
- An applicant who really wants to attend a particular medical school for family reasons
- An applicant preparing for a behavioral interview
- An applicant told by a medical school dean that her interview skills prevented her from admission last year
- An applicant unfamiliar with the MMI 

-An applicant interviewing at a top 5 medical school who wants to ensure that he presents his qualifications well

Every one of these applicants was accepted to medical school.

 "High grades and/or MCAT scores alone are never enough.  For those interviewed, impressions from the personal interview are exceedingly important."

LSU Shreveport School of Medicine

Deliver a powerful interview performance with our book, The Medical School Interview: Winning Strategies from Admissions Faculty.

How it Works

  1. Purchase the Interview Coaching Service

  2. Send a copy of your application materials to us at Let us know where you'll be interviewing, and the type of interview (e.g., traditional, MMI, behavioral)

  3. We will contact you to schedule a date and time for a mock interview with coaching.

  4. Your mock interview will be conducted by Dr. Desai or Dr. Katta.

  5. During the 2-hour phone or Skype interview, Dr. Desai or Dr. Katta will analyze your answer and show you ways to stand out.

  6. You will also have a post-interview phone conversation with Dr. Desai or Dr. Katta. during this session, you will provide details about your interview experience at the medical school. You'll learn how to communicate with the school in the post-interview period to maximize your chances of admission. You'll also learn how to build upon the experience so that you deliver a winning performance during future interviews.

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