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Hot Topics, Resources, and Future Directions

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Choosing a Career in Radiation Oncology

  1. Program Director and Chief Resident Perspectives on the Educational Environment of U.S. Radiation Oncology Residency Programs  Read more >>

  2. Results of the 2012-2013 Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology Job Search and Career Planning Survey  Read more >>

Radiation Oncology Residency and Research

  1. Contemporary Trends in Radiation Oncology Resident Research  Read more >>
  2. Scholastic Activity Among Radiation Oncology Residents 

Ranking Radiation Oncology Residency Programs

  1. Doximity 

Business of Radiation Oncology

  1. Employment Outcomes for Recent Radiation Oncology Graduates Read more >>

  2. Factors that Determine Academic Versus Private Practice Career Interest in Radiation Oncology Residents  Read more >>

Women in Radiation Oncology

  1. Factors Affecting Gender-Based Experiences for Residents in Radiation Oncology  Read more >>

Radiation Oncology Workforce

  1. Supply and Demand for Radiation Oncology in the United States  Read more >>

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