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Hot Topics, Resources, and Future Directions

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Choosing a Career in Psychiatry

  1. American Psychiatric Association: Choosing a Career in Psychiatry  Read more >>

  2. Why Don't More Doctors Choose a Career in Psychiatry  Read more >>

  3. Why choose Psychiatry as a Career? 

  4. Choose Psychiatry As a Career: Motivators and Deterrents  Read more >>

Psychiatry Residency and Research

  1. The Psychiatry Resident Research Experience 
  2. Effective Research Mentorship for Residents 

Psychiatry Salary

Medscape Psychiatrist Compensation Report 

Ranking Psychiatry Residency Programs

  1. Doximity 

  2. Ranking Tables of NIH Funding to Medical Schools (Department of Psychiatry) Read more >>

Business of Psychiatry

  1. Guiding Psychiatry Trainees on Their First Job Search Read more >>

  2. Malpractice Dangers for Psychiatrists 

  3. What Puts a Psychiatrist at Risk for a Malpractice Lawsuit   Read more >>

Professional Stress and Burnout in Psychiatry

  1. Psychiatrist Burnout Less Than Most Other Physicians'  Read more >>

Workforce in Psychiatry

  1. Psychiatry Facing Severe Workforce Crisis 

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