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If you have been offered a medical school interview, let us congratulate you. An invitation to interview is a significant honor but your work is not done. While your application will help you get an interview, your interview performance will strongly influence the final decision. Surveys have shown that the interview is the most important factor in the admissions process.

Unfortunately, many otherwise qualified applicants lose any chance of admission because of a poor interview. Our experience has also shown that too many applicants sound the same, and miss out on an important opportunity to significantly improve their chances. Our goal is to show you how to deliver winning responses that will set you apart from other applicants.

Having secured the interview, it is essential now that you devote the effort, time, and preparation necessary to sell yourself effectively and convincingly. Through our 2-hour mock interview service conducted over the phone or by Skype, we will provide you a strategy for success (all mock interviews are done by Dr. Samir Desai).

Steps involved in the process

Step 1: Purchase our Mock Interview Service.

Step 2: Send us your application materials (MCAT scores, transcript, AMCAS Application, secondary application, available LORs) by email to

Step 3: We will contact you to schedule a date and time for the mock interview.

Step 4: Your mock interview will be conducted by Dr. Samir Desai

Step 5: Your 2-hour mock interview will be conducted by phone or Skype or Zoom (your preference).

Medical School Mock Interview Service

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