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Otolaryngology Clerkship



Grades in required or core clerkships are very important to otolaryngology residency programs. 


In a NRMP survey of otolaryngology residency programs, 90% cited "grades in required clerkships" as a factor in selecting applicants to interview. 


Our book, Success on the Wards, is a powerful resource to help you excel in core clerkships.


It has also been widely used by international medical graduates seeking to perform at a high level during U.S. clinical rotations. Securing an otolaryngology rotation can be challenging for international medical graduates. We have created a database of clinical opportunities in otolaryngology to help direct your search (see below).


Please also read our blog post "How To Succeed In Your Otolaryngology Rotation: Tips For Medical Students" for detailed advice on how to make a powerful impression during your emergency medicine rotation.


Resources to Help You Succeed in Clerkships