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Scholarships, Grants, & Awards

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Winning medical school scholarships and awards can provide a major boost to your residency application, and set you apart from your peers. According to the 2018 NRMP Program Director Survey:


  • 51% of neurology residency programs cited awards or special honors in clinical clerkships as a factor used to make interview decisions.

  • 22% of neurology residency programs cited awards or special honors in basic sciences as a factor used to make interview decisions.


In another survey of neurology residency programs, medical school awards were ranked higher in the residency selection process than published research or preclinical grades. 


Awards can be placed in the application, MSPE (Dean's Letter), letters of recommendation, and CV. We have found that interviewers often ask about awards during residency interviews.

In our book, Medical Scholarships, Grants & Awards: Insider Advice On How To Win Scholarships, we offer you a detailed strategy to maximize your chances of winning.

The book includes a chapter on awards and scholarships available in neurology with profiles of past student winners.

Resources to Help you Win Scholarships, Awards and Grants

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