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You are the supervisor of a cell phone company. A customer has requested to speak with you and is waiting for you in the other room. Several weeks ago, the customer bought a vanity phone number (1-800-CALL-SAM) from another company. He wants to have this number transferred to your company so that he can use it for a new business he's just launched.


He's been unable to have the number transferred despite multiple conversations with your employees. He now wishes to discuss the situation with you.


Enter the room as the supervisor and discuss the situation with the customer.

Customer Interaction Video # 1

This Customer Interaction Video # 1 provides an example of the type of encounter that a medical school applicant may face during this type of MMI scenario. Please note the following:

•It is obvious that the customer was upset but the student failed to acknowledge the emotion.

•The student didn’t validate the legitimacy of the customer’s feelings.

•The student didn’t communicate empathy for the customer’s feelings through his words.

•He was too solution-focused (wanted to move past the feelings).

Customer Interaction Video # 2

Although Customer Interaction Video # 2 provides an example of the same situation as in Video # 1, you will note that the student acknowledged the customer's emotions, validated the legitimacy of his feelings, communicated empathy, and was not solution-focused.

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