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MD2B Connect IMG Rotation Program

We wrote the book on Residency Match Success. And we know what program directors are looking for.

That’s why we designed each and every aspect of our IMG Rotations to meet and exceed those expectations.


You won’t just be shadowing. Instead, you’ll be honing your skills by taking patient histories, presenting patients, and writing notes


Each and every one of our preceptors were handpicked. We partner with dedicated clinicians and educators who are invested in your success and dedicated to improving your clinical skills


You’ll have the opportunity to complete projects that will enhance your application, such as quality improvement projects, developing patient education materials, and writing case reports


A great clinical performance can lead to the type of strong letters of recommendation that are required to match successfully


MD2B Connect is an exceptional service. I am blown away by their personalized approach and strategy they proposed to achieve my specific goals. Outstanding experience on rotations with real hands-on and supportive teaching from very knowledgeable preceptors who enjoys teaching. Dr. Desai and Manish did an excellent job to make me a way better residency applicant this year. They also were very flexible and accommodating. I could reach them at all times if I had any question or concerns and they would resolve it to my complete satisfaction. I am deeply grateful for all the help and advice I received. They are true professionals and they are excellent in what they do!

Google Review


" I wanted to do a rotation in IM and they paired me with a physician that was an excellent doctor and human being. This doctor had a genuine interest in helping me during the learning process. My rotation was hands on experience during the whole 4 weeks. As international medical students, it's difficult to find observership and rotation opportunities in the US. MD2B made it so easy and smooth."

We wrote the books on residency match success and US clinical rotation success.


The Successful Match is the best selling residency match guide, and has been recommended as a suggested resource by the AAMC.


Success on the Wards is required or recommended reading at over 40 US medical schools. 

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US Clinical Experience, for almost all residency programs, is a necessity. Make sure that every single day of your rotation is helping you become a Better Doctor and a Better Applicant

We offer rotations in 25 cities across the US

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