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Medical School Interviewing 101

Become the


medical school

applicant through our expert webinar

We'll show you how to take your interview performance from good to great to


During our signature webinar, you will...

Learn our simple, straightforward, step-by-step approach to the major med school interview questions

Receive clear explanations and before-and-after videos. No more worrying about where to start or what to say.

Learn how to craft powerful, unique responses. No more concerns about sounding like every other applicant.

Learn how to craft unforgettable responses. Because the stakes are too high for you to bring anything but your best.

Start Preparing Today With Our Comprehensive
Step-by-Step Approach

Medical School
Interview 101

Medical School
Interview 101

About the Experts 

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Dr. Rajani Katta


Dr. Samir Desai


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