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Hot Topics, Resources, and Future Directions

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Choosing a Career in Emergency Medicine

  1. Emergency Medicine: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly  Read more >>

  2. What I Do As An ER Doctor  Read more >>

Emergency Medicine Workforce

  1. The Emergency Medicine Workforce: Profile and Projections  Read more >>
  2. Emergency Medicine Workforce Needs More Women  
  3. The Rural Emergency Medicine Workforce  

Emergency Medicine Salary

Medscape Emergency Medicine Compensation Report 

Ranking Emergency Medicine Residency Programs

  1. Doximity 

  2. Ranking Tables of NIH Funding to Medical Schools (Department of Emergency Medicine) Read more >>

Issues Related To Emergency Medicine Residency Training

  1. Global Health Education in Emergency Medicine Residency Programs Read more >

Professional Stress and Burnout in Emergency Medicine

  1. Burnout: Emergency Medicine Hit the Hardest 

  2. Why Are Emergency Physicians Burning Out?

  3. Avoid Burnout by Managing Your Stress 

  4. Factors Associated With Burnout During Residency Training  Read more >>

Business of Emergency Medicine

  1. The Business of Emergency Medicine: From Care to Compensation  Read more >>

  2. Preparing to Practice: Advice for New Graduates and Young Physicians  Read more >>

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