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Hot Topics, Resources, and Future Directions

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Choosing a Career in Radiology

  1. Surveying Fourth-Year Medical Students Regarding the Choice of Diagnostic Radiology as a Specialty  Read more >>

  2. Radiology Resident' Satisfaction With Their Training 

  3. Current Perceptions Regarding Training 

  4. Fourth-Year Medical Students Opinions and Basic Knowledge Regarding the Field of Radiology  Read more >>

Radiology Workforce

  1. Supply/Demand in Radiology 

Radiology Salary

Medscape Radiologist Compensation Report 

Ranking Radiology Residency Programs

  1. Doximity 

  2. Ranking Tables of NIH Funding to Medical Schools (Department of Radiology) Read more >>

  3. Opportunities and Directions in Radiology Resident Research Read more >>

Business of Radiology

  1. Achieving satisfaction in radiology practice: advice to graduating residents  Read more >>

  2. My first job: the transition from residency to employment--what the employer and employee should know  Read more >>

Women in Radiology

  1. Women in Radiology: Exploring the Gender Disparity  Read more >>

  2. Choosing a Specialty in Medicine: Female Medical Students and Radiology  Read more >>

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